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What is Yellow Cocaine?

Yellow cocaine is the purest form of cocaine. What is being seen in movies and pictures commonly is cocaine which contains additives that changes the color from being yellow (about 99% purity) to its white color.

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Buy Yellow Cocaine online – Where Yellow Cocaine Comes From

Because yellow cocaine is not any particular form of cocaine, it can come from a number of places.

Most cocaine comes from South America, specifically Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru, as these countries have plenty of coca leaves, the plant cocaine is made from.

How Yellow Cocaine Is Made

Yellow cocaine is made by extracting cocaine hydrochloride from the leaves of the coca plant. After the chemical is extracted, it is put through chemical treatments to turn it into cocaine.

Almost all cocaine found on the streets is impure, meaning it is mixed with a variety of diluents or adulterants.

As far as crack cocaine goes, the process is the same in addition to adding baking soda to the powder and boiling it in water to form a solid.

Characteristics Of Yellow Cocaine

There are not really any specific characteristics of yellow cocaine as it can vary greatly. However, it may have a distinguishable smell.

For example, some yellow cocaine can have a scent similar to overripe bananas or even nail polish.

Cutting Agents Used In Yellow Cocaine

The possibilities for cutting agents used in yellow cocaine are endless. Common cutting agents for cocaine include talcum powder, baking soda, flour, amphetamines, and dangerous substances like fentanyl.

However, it is important to note cocaine can be cut or diluted with nearly anything, so you never really know what you are putting in your body.

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    Awesome customer service… great delivery

  2. Harry

    Great client service, and awesome products from the cocaine broker.
    A little advice for such highly potent stuff

    Either way, if you are going to use cocaine, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you’re using it as safely as possible: Crush it up as finely as possible, alternate your snorting nostril, wait until the effects of each line are over before taking your next, and wash your nose out well at the end of the night.

  3. Ogab

    This yellow cocaine is very potent stuff… loved it.

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